Alexandra Bradbury

We troublemakers keep hoping for the spark that will set a wildfire of workers in motion, like in 1937. But that takes legions of skilled, far-sighted activists. Unions' job is to train them up—through everyday struggles in the workplace.

The point is to close more post offices—and minimize public outcry. Will customers take the bait?

As employers seize upon the Obamacare excuse, grocery unions are struggling to keep part-timers in their health care plans.

Does Your Copy of Labor Notes Take Forever to Arrive?


Seriously, we’re as frustrated as you are—and so are postal workers.

Closures of mail processing plants have hit small newspapers hard. Take The Bullard Banner News in Texas. After the nearest USPS plant closed in June, the weekly paper’s route to local mailboxes now detours through a plant 120 miles away. One subscriber reported getting no paper for weeks—then three in a day.

A diverse slate of local leaders has won top seats in the American Postal Workers Union, promising to beat back contract concessions and organize a grassroots coalition to save the Postal Service.