Alexandra Bradbury

They didn’t strike this time—but Walmart workers and their allies marched, rallied, danced, blew horns, and took arrests in a coordinated day of action, protesting the company’s recent crackdown on worker activists.

A diverse slate of local leaders is making a bid to unseat the national officers of the American Postal Workers Union—and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

In 1963 the AFL-CIO chose the wrong side of history and sat out the original march. This time, a sea of union T-shirts blanketed the National Mall.

Hospitals are adopting Toyota's methods for squeezing more out of each worker. The result? Management by stress—and worse care for patients.

Thousands marched and danced across the Brooklyn Bridge to the strains of a brass band in a jazz funeral for Brooklyn health care. Fierce workers are keeping two threatened hospitals alive.

Workers rushed to a Brooklyn hospital for an emergency rally to keep it "Open for Care"—after administrators began diverting patients away. In New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, unions are battling shadowy operators with dollar signs in their eyes.

Faculty members who work on short-term contracts have launched citywide, cross-college organizing drives in Boston and Pittsburgh. Most teachers and students in higher ed today are working-class.