Alexandra Bradbury

Are the chickens finally coming home to roost for Teamsters brass? After the Hoffa administration forced concessions onto unwilling members, opponents are teaming up in the 2016 race.

A new Labor Board ruling could finally unstick the unionization of professors in the private sector—a project that’s been stalled for 35 years.

The right to vote for top officers will now be permanently enshrined in the Teamster constitution. And after a wave of anger at concessions, some of Hoffa’s big opponents are teaming up against him.

There’s no bargaining in Volkswagen’s new policy. On closer inspection, it looks more like something anti-union forces have been angling to try. And it's suspiciously similar to what Tennessee legislators have already imposed on teachers.

What makes a strike strong? In a factory, your power is your ability to halt production. But the strategy has to be different in health care.

The Ebola scare highlights problems—lack of supplies and training, for instance, and short staffing most of all—that also hit at the root of much more common safety risks in health care.