Jenny Brown

In a coordinated purge, Walmart has lashed out against workers who walked out in early June. Sixty have been disciplined so far. About two dozen have been terminated.

After an exasperating four-year campaign against the Hyatt hotel empire, the hotel workers union announced an agreement that includes plans for organizing several hotels.

After years of downplaying strikes, the union that’s funding fast food organizing is now embracing the tactic. The Service Employees have underwritten short strikes by fast food workers in seven cities in the last two months.

A union has been signing up thousands of members at small nonprofits that grow and sell medical marijuana. But to the federal government, the entire industry is criminal.

Food Chain Workers Double-Team Wendy’s


Wendy’s felt a double dose of worker power at the company’s shareholder meeting in Manhattan yesterday as farmworkers from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and workers from Wendy’s restaurants gathered outside in successive waves to present their demands.

Momentum is building as four cities and one state have passed paid sick leave provisions, with New York City passing a bill May 8. Still, the benefits are skimpy by international standards.

Supply Chain Workers Tell Walmart’s Dirty Secrets


Walmart has cut store staffing so severely that in some cases workers have no time to stock shelves, and the few remaining checkers face customers who’ve been waiting in line for 30 minutes.

That’s just the newest symptom of Walmart’s profit-at-any-cost policies, which create miserable conditions along the company’s whole supply chain, said Walmart workers who compared notes Thursday in New York.