Jenny Brown

Several airports now have $15 minimum wages, including Seattle-Tacoma where workers recently won not only $15 an hour, but paid sick days and the right to sue over tip theft.

Machinists at Boeing resoundingly voted down mid-contract concessions yesterday and then booed the union leaders who had pushed the proposal on a shocked membership.

Today the Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether "neutrality agreements" are really just a bribe from the employer, and therefore illegal.

Thirty-one thousand Machinists in Washington state were stunned to learn last week that their union is pushing mid-contract concessions under threat from Boeing to move work out of state.

Lean In or Stand Up?


Sheryl Sandberg urges women to lean in at work, but Newark teachers felt more "leaned on" when Facebook officers came to town with $100 million to push merit pay.

With new organizing choked by the legal system, it's a rare campaign that doesn't first extract a “neutrality agreement” to blunt the boss’s wrath. In November, the Supreme Court will consider whether such agreements are legal.

Thousands of fast food workers walked off their jobs in 58 U.S. cities yesterday, an indictment of an economy that’s producing little more than McJobs. Some picket lines turned into temporary occupations, and several stores closed..

In a coordinated purge, Walmart has lashed out against retail workers who walked out in early June.

When the Obama administration announced a year-long delay in fines for employers affected by the new health care law, angry unionists noticed a pattern.