Jane Slaughter

The New Year brings promises to ourselves: to join the gym, quit smoking, get back on the diet wagon. In looking for help, watch out for management "wellness" programs: they have a not-so-hidden agenda.

Union protesters at the Michigan Capitol today knocked down a tent erected by the Koch brothers, who helped bring right to work to the state. But despite the crowd’s anger, the governor signed the bills.

Advocates of Social Security are holding informational pickets today at 100 Social Security offices in 22 states. They’re led by workers from inside the offices themselves, who know firsthand how much the monthly check means to retirees and people with disabilities.

Ford Workers Sit Down, Slow Down Over Late Paycheck


Workers who make underbodies for the Mustang pulled off a mini-strike and work-to-rule last Friday. These are the sorts of wildcat actions that were frequent in the United Auto Workers’ early days—and a lot faster than the “obey now, grieve later, wait months for a solution” grievance procedure.

If Congress and the President reach a “grand bargain” in the lame-duck session, seniors, the poor, and the disabled will pay for it—and it won’t be a good buy. Here are three ways politicians are hoping to cut your Social Security benefits.

Auto Workers Approve Ford Contract after Hard Sell


Ford workers ratified a new contract by 63 percent in mid-October. Though it was rich in up-front money, UAW reformers campaigned against the deal because it provides no bridge to first-tier wages for second-tier workers. First-tier wages are frozen for four more years and the hefty-looking bonuses will not come close to recovering losses from years of concessions.