Dan La Botz

Child crouched in front of toys and a sign against ICE

This article is presented as part of our ongoing series of stories from our archives. It originally appeared in Labor Notes # 40 published on May 26, 1982. -Editors.

James Gonzalez ran in panic from the agents of La Migra who raided the Boulder Valley Poultry Farm in Boulder, Colorado. He ran from the farm into the main road and was run down by a gravel truck and killed. Gonzalez’s real name turned out to be Jose Morales, an undocumented worker.

Mexico to ‘Reform’ Education, Too

Mexico is poised to pass a national “education reform” bill that will assert government control over the education system, wresting it from the hands of a corrupt teachers union leadership.

Thousands Rally in Columbus to Stop Anti-Union Bill

Thousands of workers, mostly public employee union members but also from the private sector, rallied at the Capitol in Columbus, Ohio, Thursday to stop a senate bill that would end public workers’ collective bargaining rights. Watch video here.

Mexico’s Drug War Wreaks Havoc on Workers

Mexico’s drug war—with a total of 31,000 deaths since December 2006—has wreaked havoc on workers, their communities, and their workplaces. While the victims are principally drug dealers, police, and soldiers, others include farmers, factory workers, migrant workers, teachers, doctors, and reporters.