Labor Notes #441

As 38,000 Verizon union members enter their fifth month without a contract, crews of retirees are swinging into action to defend their own health benefits.

Twenty-two hundred Steelworkers, locked out since August 15, are refusing demands for major concessions on health care, retiree benefits, and subcontracting.

Are you thinking about running for local union office?

If you’re like most candidates, you start by asking “Who can I get to run with me?”

It seems like a good question. But it’s the wrong way to start your campaign.

What if one of the people on your slate turns out to be a dud? What if you meet new people who are better for the job or help you reach new voters?

That’s why filling out your slate early usually isn’t the best idea.

After provincial bargaining stalled, 400,000 public sector workers across Quebec walked out in October and November on rolling one-day strikes.

Teamsters who transport new cars to dealerships slammed a concessionary master agreement that "would have been the nail in the coffin of unionized carhauling."

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