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June 02, 2008 / Mark Brenner
This morning started early, with a breakfast hosted by the big California dissident local, United Healthcare Workers-West (UHW). Sal Rosselli and three rank-and-file members—Mell Garcia, a UHW member at a Kaiser hospital, Rosie Byers, a 31-year homecare worker and UHW member, as well as Michael Fenison, a respiratory therapist in Englewood who joined UHW four »
June 02, 2008 / Mark Brenner
Today the die may have been cast for United Healthcare Workers-West (UHW), the 140,000-member local that has been leading a high-profile dispute with its parent body, the Service Employees International Union, over questions of centralization and member control in the union. UHW put forward a series of amendments to the SEIU constitution in late March, »
June 01, 2008 / Mark Brenner
The Puerto Rican convention center hosting the Service Employees International Union’s big confab is kind of an eerie cross between Superman’s Fortress of Solitude and a prison in some isolated part of rural California. »
February 26, 2008 /
We are planning a silent auction at the conference, with the proceeds going towards supplementing Labor Notes' shoe-string budget. If you have a vintage labor t-shirt or a memorable picket line sign that you could donate to Labor Notes contact us at conference[at]labornotes[dot]org. Thanks for your support! »
February 18, 2008 /
Labor Notes is proud to announce that Sal Rosselli will join our growing list of main session panelists! Rosselli is president of SEIU United Healthcare Workers-West, a 150,000-member union of hospital, nursing home and homecare workers in California. He has recently emerged as a leading voice for union democracy inside SEIU, challenging a move to centralize »
February 06, 2008 /
Register Now for the Labor Notes April 2008 Conference and Get $35 Off! The early-bird registration discount deadline is fast approaching. You have less than two weeks to register before February 15 to register and pay only $80 instead of the regular registration cost of $125. Take advantage of this special rate before it's too late! We also need your help »
January 27, 2008 /
Labor Notes conferences consistently feature the most comprehensive list of workshops for labor activists. No matter what kind of work you do in the labor movement, you'll find a slew of workshops that fit your needs and expand your horizons. Check out our preliminary list below of what Labor Notes has in store this time around at Rebuilding Labor's Power: »
January 25, 2008 /
The Labor Notes conference boasts some of the most talented labor activists in the country and from around the world. We want to give you the chance to showcase your talent. In the past we have seen everything from singing, to juggling, to traditional Japanese dance. So don't forget to bring your talent for the Saturday night open mic/talent show complete with »
January 21, 2008 /
Want to be part of making the 2008 Labor Notes conference the best organized ever and get a discount on registration at the same time? Sign up now to become a conference volunteer and Labor Notes will consider a reduction in your registration fee on request. We will also match you with the conference task that best matches your interests and capabilities. So »
January 17, 2008 /
Here at Labor Notes, we are starting to put together the program for Rebuilding Labor's Power and thought you might want a sneak peak: »