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January 06, 2010 /
Not enough steward training programs pay attention to beefing up stewards’ analytical skills. Using real-life case studies--short written scenarios--is the best way to learn how to review information, pose questions, develop concepts, see patterns, and make strategic choices. »
January 05, 2010 /
An analysis by the Labor Campaign for Single Payer

In a last-minute flurry of pork barrel deals and capitulation to powerful corporate interests, the U. S. Senate finally passed its version of health care reform on December 24. The bill was roundly condemned by nearly every labor organization »
January 04, 2010 /
Whether at Canadian auto plants or California universities, taking the place over is an increasingly popular way to fight the dramatic »
December 29, 2009 /
The Guatemalan labor movement is facing a sharp upsurge in assassinations and violence against trade unionists. Six unionists were murdered in 2009, believably for their union activities. »
December 23, 2009 / Paul Abowd
The pieces of the Obama education plan are coming together in one of the country’s most troubled school districts—but not everyone in Detroit is happy about it. »
December 22, 2009 /
As a member of Autoworkers’ Caravan, I was happy to see "One Million Climate Jobs Now," a pamphlet from union members in Britain. It shows very plainly and simply how to create the new jobs that are needed if we are going to avoid »
December 21, 2009 /
Are your worry lines deepening after a hard year on the job? Are you tired of seeing the big guys’ contracts honored while ours are under the gun? Between the bailout blues and the nonstop assault at the workplace, 2009 has been a helluva year for labor activists. So get ready for a much-needed dose of inspiration and education at the upcoming 2010 Labor Notes »
December 18, 2009 / Mark Brenner
Workers capped a six year campaign to organize Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital tonight, with 283 voting to join the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) against 263 votes for "no union." »
December 18, 2009 / Steve Early
Former IBEW Local 2222 Vice President Jerry Leary was laid to rest yesterday under the raised and arched booms of two telephone company bucket trucks, with a union banner strung between the two. In the face of the grotesque caricatures of unionism projected today, it’s easy to forget what being a rank-and-file member means in the culture of mutual aid and »
December 18, 2009 /
When our union, United Healthcare Workers-West, was trusteed last January by the Service Employees, there was an initial flurry of activity centered around decertifying SEIU and electing the National Union of Healthcare Workers. My plan was to lie low until our contract was up and we had the chance to elect NUHW, but recent workplace events have prompted a »