Troublemakers Blog

November 13, 2009 /
The Steelworkers announced a plan October 30 to create worker co-operatives in North America, which overturn the traditional workplace division between workers and bosses by having worker-owners make most decisions on a “one worker, one vote” basis. What's the union up to? »
November 12, 2009 /
Detroit’s public sector workers have won a battle in a months-long war with Mayor Dave Bing. The recently re-elected mayor had threatened for a month to terminate contracts if city unions didn’t accept his proposed 26 furlough days—amounting to a 10 percent wage cut. He tried to make good on that threat in late October, moving to impose terms on AFSCME District »
November 10, 2009 / Tiffany Ten Eyck
We’ve known for a while now that the economic crisis has dampened the willingness of workers to head out on strike (with some courageous exceptions). That’s partly due to the business class and the corporate press, who »
November 10, 2009 /
Carpenters President Douglas McCarron is delusional indeed. He’s dismissed the AFL-CIO’s newly chartered carpenters organizing committee and placed faith in his “corporate unionism” approach and a repressive, self-serving regime that destroys the democratic rights of rank and file members. »
November 09, 2009 / Jane Slaughter
Sometimes high-paid jobs provoke a lot of envy and resentment. But sometimes you feel a lot more comfortable when workers in certain positions are making more than a living wage. While attending the Teamsters for a Democratic Union convention Friday, I met a pilot who took home $26,000 last year as a first officer »
November 06, 2009 /
Hey, did you hear about the World Series fans that were nearly stranded in South Philadelphia due to a transit shutdown? Probably. See any stories on striking drivers or mechanics, or their struggles to endure? Probably not. The pressure on the union during Philadelphia's transit strike is relentless. »
November 06, 2009 /
Chicago saw an unusual meeting of the minds last week between two groups of workers who have taken extraordinary steps when faced with a plant closing. »
November 05, 2009 /
When the Caucus of Rank-and-File Educators (CORE) endorsed two of our members as Teacher Trustees for the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund, we formulated a strategy that strayed far from the expected route. On October 30 our strategy yielded a big win for the rank-and-file movement within the 32,000-member »
November 04, 2009 /
It may soon become much easier for workers in the airline and railroad industries to form unions, and the most immediate impact may come at Delta Air Lines. »
November 04, 2009 /
Before the trick or treating began last Saturday in Chicago, 65 labor activists met at the United Electrical Workers hall to tackle the “zombie economics” of the free market, which has put the Illinois budget on its back. »