open shop america

Donald Trump’s win is the gut-punch finale to a surreal election season. For thousands of rank-and-file activists the outcome is even more bitter after the inspiration and energy stirred up by Bernie Sanders’ improbable campaign.

Unfortunately, we don’t need a crystal ball to figure out what a Trump presidency has in store for labor, especially with Republicans controlling the House and the Senate.

Indiana factory workers defeated a two-tier wage and pension system by rebuilding their local from the bottom up.

What if stewards didn't have to represent non-members? Just ask a Tennessee teacher whether that's a union-building or union-busting policy.

Hamstrung by harsh legal limits on collective bargaining, the teachers union in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, doesn’t wait to welcome new employees in.

The manager was targeting black workers for discipline. But when I started publicly standing up to her, many who’d never been interested in the union before came and signed up. They wanted to join me in fighting back.


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