Workers and Unions Organizing For Black Lives

Event Date: 
June 24, 2020

Event at a Glance


June 24, 2020, 8:00 pm

The country has erupted in protests after the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, from big cities to small-town America. Citywide coalitions are pushing to reduce funding for police and use the money for the many other public services that are always on the chopping block.

How are union members and unions rising to the moment? Join a Labor Notes discussion Wednesday, June 24 at 8pm eastern time with:

  • West Coast longshore workers who will strike in solidarity with protesters on Juneteenth
  • Chicago educators who are organizing to get cops out of schools and instead fund counselors and student support
  • Minneapolis bus drivers who refused to transport protesters or cops

The webinar will discuss how workers are organizing inside their unions and alongside racial justice activists and how the labor movement can deepen its commitment to racial justice.

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