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Crowd of people viewed from behind, holding blue AFGE sign. One says "Proud Government Worker, Proud Union Member. Another says "Stand, Unite, Fight." In front of them is the U.S. Capitol building.
October 13, 2022 /
Federal workers are in unfamiliar territory with the wind at our backs. »
October 06, 2022 /
Across the state of Alabama, where the state’s longest-ever strike is currently ongoing at Warrior Met Coal after over 18 months, another historic labor stoppage is in its second week. »
Workers march in downtown streets behind a big blue banner that says "UNITE HERE Local 2." They are wearing red T-shirts that say "Come back stronger" and some carry picket signs saying "Full service now!" or "Hotel rooms should be cleaned every day."  Most wear masks, one holds a bullhorn, and there is a child near the front of the crowd.
September 21, 2022 /
I have been a proud member of UNITE HERE Local 2 in San Francisco since 1976, working at several hotel, restaurant, and food service jobs over the years, and now at the Giants’ ballpark. Without Local 2, my life would have been much harder. »
September 14, 2022 / Luis Feliz Leon
Weeks after a big strike vote, 450 hotel workers at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida, have reached a tentative agreement on a four-year contract that boosts minimum hourly pay to $20, halts subcontracting, and restores daily housekeeping. »
September 13, 2022 /
A three-day strike by Wisconsin nurses is off this week, after SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin (part of the Service Employees union) and UW Health (the University of Wisconsin's medical system) reached an agreement on a path toward the potential recognition of the union. »
September 12, 2022 /
The Biden administration has pledged that “the United States will work with governments to strengthen ... the enforcement of labor laws, promote decent work, and support workers in exercising their freedom of association and collective bargaining rights,” as one of four pillars of its strategy to address the root causes of migration from Central America. »
September 07, 2022 /
Union democracy—defined as rank-and-file power—is the essential ingredient for restoring the power of the labor movement. »
September 07, 2022 /
Nurses at UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin, will strike for three days next week. The strike comes in response to the hospital administration's continuing refusal to recognize the nurses’ union and growing frustration over compensation issues and deteriorating working conditions. »
Book cover shows a picture of hands, open with the palms up, and the title and author. The image of hands is repeated larger behind the book cover.
September 01, 2022 /
The word “work” has been associated historically with “compulsion, torment, affliction, and persecution.” Why is this? The answer lies in our economic system. »
Two young women in Starbucks Workers United T-shirts stand outdoors, holding up cardboard signs, mouths open to yell or chant.
August 25, 2022 /
Starbucks Workers United just marked the one-year anniversary of its first organizing committee meeting. In that time, the new union has won union elections at 225 stores, covering more than 6,000 workers. »