Guess What, Fox News: Public Workers Didn’t Start this Fire

You know what, Fox News? Public workers didn’t start this fire, but
they’ll be damned if it consumes their communities and leaves
generations of workers in cinders.

I was back on the Faux network Friday to talk about the revolt surging through Wisconsin. The host kept arguing that taxpayers have been bled
dry, repeating Governor Scott Walker’s talking point that the state
has no alternative but to take the hatchet to teachers, nurses,
lifeguards, clerks—all the many unionized public workers.



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He’s dead wrong. Video clip here.

Mark Brenner is the former director of Labor Notes and is currently an instructor at the University of Oregon's Labor Education & Research Center.


Ken Meyer | 03/02/11

Not "Fox". Didn't you notice? He said "Faux". Seem to me that using sophomoric jingoism like that is much more "lame" than any appearance on a network, whatever it might be.

Maybe it's time that the author left serious issues to serious people. And perhaps it would be good for society if "lame" individuals such as himself got out of the way of those who would like to participate in DEMOCRACY. And, while he's at it, out of the way of those who SUSTAIN society economically, instead of making a "career" of tearing it down.

As for his claim that union workers maintaining wage levels or he prepared to claim that in front of the hundreds of thousands of once-upon-a-time Teamsters who've lost their jobs because of the refusal of their union to adjust to changing times? Or is he willing to make that claim in front of the 170,000 or so individuals who USED to be able to reside in a cities like Gary, Indiana before the USW chased out all their means of making a living? What about the union autoworkers who got RIFed (in spite of a MASSIVE subsidy tendered to them by those who prostituted themselves to the votes he and others like him handed out) in Detroit and where-ever, while their non-union brethren enjoyed job security and prospered?

Personally, I'll admit to getting a little sick of a boisterous, LESS-productive minority, led by charlatans like Mr. Brenner here, attempting to short-circuit democracy and undermine the very foundations of the nation's productivity. Essentially, all they're doing is shouting "gimme, gimme" over and over again. Enough already! We get the picture! We realize that you're not willing compete or be compensated on a market valuation basis. We KNOW you want to be on the dole!

Maybe the type of display Mr. Brenner appears to like to lead suited the situation when he was a kid (no doubt terms like "Faux" seem less "lame" to junior high kids)...but tantrums like that from supposedly adult individuals are NOT all that attractive to those who ARE adults.

Mr. Brenner is right about one thing, however; public workers "didn't start the fire". Rather, guys like Mr. Brenner did! And there's not a doubt in my mind that, if left alone, they'll keeping starting them until such time as they've burned the entire edifice of the nation's democracy - and the economy which supports it - down.

maduft (not verified) | 03/02/11

I love how you guys always trot out the plant closings boogy man everytime you feel threatened. Guess what, pal, Teamsters didn't close those plants, tax freeloading American companies shipping their work to the Pacific Rim did.

Self adoring nonprofit types like Brenner did not start the fire, we the rank and filers did.

Ken Meyer | 03/02/11

Seems I can't respond because, no matter what substantive words that I write, a supposed "spam filter" kicks in. Now isn't THAT a surprise!

maduft (not verified) | 02/25/11

Wait we are fighting like hell out here, demonstrating at FOX stations even, and Labor Notes is showing up inside and being part of their propaganda machine. Lame. Disappointing.