Samantha Winslow

Reformers in the Operating Engineers union have attracted a national following among members by daring to sue their international officers for corruption, while also running to take over their southern California local.

They call themselves The Resistance.

In the 400,000-member union of skilled crane, bulldozer and boiler operators, mechanics, and surveyors, dissent is uncommon, and union staffers have hiring influence with employers.

Newark Teacher Reformers Win Majority


In a sign of growing teacher discontent at their continual scapegoating for all the ills of public education, a recently formed reform slate of teacher union activists in Newark, New Jersey, won a majority on their local union’s executive board yesterday, losing the presidential spot by only nine votes.

The reform slate won 18 out of 29 seats on the Newark Teachers Union board. Incumbent President Joe Del Grosso, who has led the union since 1995, barely held on to his position, winning 589 to 580. The local’s total membership is around 4,200.

Some 800,000 workers struck Monday. "The people’s resistance and mobilization is in its 20th day," unionists wrote. Anti-government protests have united civilians, students, labor activists, and Turkey's middle class.

Remember the dramatic, aggressive attacks on workers by legislatures in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan? Now North Carolina is following suit. Lawmakers have proposed dozens of bills attacking workers’ rights, health care access, voting rights, and social programs.

Teachers at Ivy Academia in Los Angeles are the latest to join a wave of union organizing victories at charter schools. Nationally, 625 charter schools are organized.

Spontaneous protests have erupted since the district announced the most closures ever in a single year in any U.S. city. Organizers expect thousands at a citywide march and rally.

The Los Angeles teachers union squeaked out a victory in the school board election despite millions in corporate donations.

More workers getting their papers could be a breakthrough for unions—but watch for an expansion of guestworker programs, with few rights.