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A health care worker performs drive-throughs tests for the COVID-19 virus at Beaumont Hospital in Detroit. Photo: Jim West/


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Prescriptions Strikes and Demands Organizing Tips Resources


VIDEO: Don't Die for Wall Street: Essential Workers on Why Everyone Else Should Stay Home
March 31, 2020 / Katie Ferrari

It Didn't Have to Be Like This
March 27, 2020 / Stephanie Luce

Organize or Die
March 20, 2020 / Sam Lewis

Strike First, Then Bargain
March 19, 2020 / Joe DeManuelle-Hall and Jane Slaughter

Solidarity Is Our Only Chance
March 16, 2020 / Jane Slaughter

Strikes and Demands

Sample COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures to Demand from Management
Communications Workers of America

New York Nurses Are Living a Heartbreaking Nightmare
March 27, 2020 / Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez

Walkouts Spread as Workers Seek Coronavirus Protections
March 26, 2020 / Dan DiMaggio

The Danger We're Facing: A Grocery Worker Speaks Out
March 23, 2020 / Chris Brooks

Verizon Unions Win Model Paid Leave Policy for Coronavirus—Will Other Unions Demand the Same?
March 18, 2020 / Labor Notes

Detroit Bus Drivers Win Protections Against Virus Through Strike
March 18, 2020 / Jane Slaughter

Auto Companies Announce Closure Following Outbreak of Wildcat Strikes
March 18, 2020 / Chris Brooks

Amazon Is Failing Its Workers during the Coronavirus Crisis
March 18, 2020 / Joe DeManuelle-Hall

Frontline in a Pandemic: A UPS Worker’s View
March 17, 2020 / Nick Perry

Organizing around the World for PTO: Pandemic Time Off
March 16, 2020 / Dan DiMaggio

Organizing Tips

Swing into Action
A basic guide to the steps in organzing a workplace action, excerpted from the Labor Notes guide Beating Apathy

Can I Get Fired for Talking about Virus Risks?
March 31, 2020 / Alexandra Bradbury

Your Legal Rights on the Job

Identify a Good Organizing Issue

An Organizing Conversation

What Moves People to Act: Anger, Hope, Urgency, You

Plan a Powerful Action

Turn Up the Heat: The Action Thermometer

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COVID-19 news from the world's trade unions

Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19
Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Guidance on Coronavirus in the Workplace
CDC, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

COVID-19 Information for Non-Union Workers
Communications Workers of America

Guidance for union locals on COVID-19
United Electrical Workers

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