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A group of autoworkers stand around outside looking at the camera--the closest is a blonde woman with a red shirt that says “UAW Back in the Fight.”
September 12, 2023 /
Conventional wisdom tells us we would rather not strike if we can avoid it. Labor Notes’ Secrets of a Successful Organizer says to start small and build escalating campaigns of bigger and riskier actions. This is not the attitude, however, at Stellantis’s stamping plant in Sterling Heights, Michigan. »
A group of workers in red, blue, or grey shirts hold signs saying “United for a Strong Contract,” and “COLA and Fair Pay Now”
September 08, 2023 / Keith Brower Brown
Earlier this year, on the Ford stamping line in Buffalo, sewage started pouring onto the floor. Careless managers had shut down a pump to install new equipment and caused a deluge. The workers didn't work meekly through the dizzying stench. They shut down their line, fast. And they did it with so much unity that their manager decided not to fight back. »
A crowd surrounds a large festive purple piggy-bank piñata suspended above them. It is labeled NYU and is in school colors, purple and gold.
August 29, 2023 / Luis Feliz Leon, / Alexandra Bradbury
The heat was scorching in Louisville, Kentucky, last Thursday. But what the windless day lacked in gusts, it made up in guts. The union-made placards read: “United for a Strong Contract.” That resonated with auto workers at Ford who hadn’t been part of a contract rally for as long as anyone can remember. »
August 24, 2023 / Lisa Xu
As auto workers prepare for the expiration of the Big 3 auto contracts covering 150,000 members September 14, some are turning to a valuable tool they saw UPS Teamsters use: the 10-minute meeting. »
A row of people in UPS outfits with signs seen from far away block the road to some kind of facility, a gate is visible behind them.
August 22, 2023 /
For the first time since I started working at UPS 15 years ago, it feels like unions across the country are on the rise. UPS Teamsters mobilized for a massive contract campaign to win the best contract we’ve ever had. Now it’s the Auto Workers’ turn. »
A young slender Black man in a baseball cap smiles down at the camera with a sign saying “Just Practicing for a Just Contract.” To the left of him is a Black woman in sunglasses with a whistle in her mouth carrying the same sign..
August 17, 2023 / Alexandra Bradbury
With reformers at the helm, the Teamsters and the Auto Workers (UAW) are raising the bar for contract campaigns. »
Actor Sam Humphrey and several others march towards the camera with ‘SAG AFTRA on strike’ and ‘Writers Guild of America On Strike’
August 09, 2023 /
This summer organized labor is on the offensive, with more unity and determination than we have seen in two generations. In Los Angeles, New York, and elsewhere, more than 10,000 writers and 160,000 actors are on strike, seeking to make Hollywood’s global reach finally work for them. »
Indoors in a UPS warehouse, about 25 drivers are standing around the floor all with their backs to a manager with a yellow clipboard
August 08, 2023 /
I’m a 34-year Teamster and package car driver for UPS, and I’ve been a steward for the past seven years. Since I’ve been with UPS for so long, I am very used to the constant harassment and intimidation this company has thrived on. »
July 06, 2023 / Jenny Brown
When I heard the debt-ceiling deal would target people in their fifties for new work requirements to get food stamps, I thought about my brother. »
Five headshots. Alex and Deborah are white women, Caitlyn is an Asian-American woman, Edward is a Black man, Finley is a Black woman. Another photos shows a hand truck with a PM press logo in a warehouse surrounded by shipping packages. Another photo shows a bookstore storefront with the name Autumn Leaves.
June 22, 2023 /

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