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December 20, 2017 /
Labor Notes supporters have been busy spreading our bottom-up approach to building the labor movement all over the globe. Here are a few reports: »
December 07, 2017 /
Hondurans went to the polls November 26 to elect a president, national congress, and local authorities. The elections tested the strength of the neoliberal regime in power since June 2009, when a coup d’etat ousted President Manuel Zelaya, whose government had raised the minimum wage substantially and undermined the interests of the traditional oligarchy. »
December 07, 2017 / Alexandra Bradbury
Call her our $250,000 baby. In July my uneventful pregnancy took a turn—I developed a serious condition called preeclampsia and had to deliver a month early. Paloma weighed less than five pounds at birth, and spent a week in neonatal intensive care. »
December 04, 2017 /
Labor lawyer Robert M. Schwartz, author of The Legal Rights of Union Stewards, has generously turned over his five immensely popular handbooks to Labor Notes. We asked Schwartz about his experience writing and »
December 01, 2017 /
Some days the men I work with amaze me. It was just about time for coffee when the Matt Lauer story broke. [NBC fired the "Today" co-host November 29 over allegations of sexual harassment. -Ed.] So one of the guys says, “Why now? Why are all these women coming out now? Why didn’t they come forward before?” »
November 30, 2017 /
The best way to increase union membership on the eve of the Janus decision? Build a fighting campaign in your workplace. If there’s no fight, there’s nothing to join. »
November 14, 2017 /
When our hospital bargaining team learned that our co-worker Maria Mendoza Sanchez and her family were to be deported in less than a week, we were shocked. Though we knew it might be too late to act, we decided we had to do something. »
November 02, 2017 /
Ants among Elephants is an absorbing and moving history of modern India from the perspective of a family of Christian “untouchables.” »
November 01, 2017 /
After Harvey, Irma, and Maria, many thousands of homes have been lost and lives wrecked. People in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico need decent paying jobs while they try to put their lives back together, and the one industry that will be booming is construction. »