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April 09, 2020 /
This shop floor plan where workers organize each other to protect themselves could be adopted in any workplace where workers are still on the job. It was developed by postal workers; click here to read more about how they are self-organizing.—Editors »
April 09, 2020 /
Postal Service management has failed tremendously in handling the coronavirus pandemic. For weeks after it was clearly a public emergency, there was essentially no response at all from management. Some safety talks about personal precautions were distributed to supervisors, though from what I can tell, they were never read in most places. »
Two construction workers looking down in building construction site with wooden scaffolding around them.
April 08, 2020 /
The Danish government has struck a historic deal with unions and employers’ associations to stop mass layoffs during the pandemic. »
A nurse holds a sign showing "NNU COVID-19 Checklist: patient properly isolated, adequate PPE for nurses, notification to staff about case, adequate staffing for patient, adequate testing, nurses properly placed on leave"
April 07, 2020 /
I am a registered nurse at Cook County Hospital, the safety-net hospital in Chicago and the busiest hospital in the state. The people who come to this hospital are some of the most underserved patients, mainly people of color, immigrants—many undocumented, the uninsured and underinsured, the homeless, and the incarcerated. »
Produce seller with his sidewalk stand in Chinatown, New York, in front of store
April 06, 2020 /
Labor Notes’ Saurav Sarkar spoke with New York City teacher Annie Tan on March 23 about the rise in anti-Asian racism with the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. Labor Notes: Can you tell me a little bit about your family background and how it connects to organizing against anti-Asian »
April 03, 2020 /
Union members at a Detroit-area auto parts plant refused to work March 19 and 20 after learning that a management employee had tested positive for the coronavirus. Angry first-shift workers gathered outside the plant and refused to enter. »
April 02, 2020 /
Strikes, work stoppages, and protests this week at Amazon, Instacart, Whole Foods, and other workplaces may not have done much to shut down the nation’s stores and warehouses, but they sent America a very loud and potent message none the less. »
April 01, 2020 /
More unions are demanding that all non-essential workplaces be shut down, to slow the spread of the coronavirus. On a Labor Notes webinar March 30, essential workers pleaded with everyone else to please stay home. Of course, that requires »
April 01, 2020 /
This week and last, Labor Notes invited labor leaders and organizers to talk via Zoom about what we can do to organize during this pandemic. These are the beginning steps we came up with: »
SPREAD OUT written on a sign above a road with pillars in the background.
April 01, 2020 /
Workers’ health and safety matter more than anything, but workers are being forced to choose between their income and their health. It is right and necessary to be angry about how you and your co-workers are being treated. »