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February 16, 2018 / Jane Slaughter
Cinco años después de que el gobierno mexicano aprobó una controvertida ley de "reforma educativa" sin discusión pública, los docentes del estado sureño de Oaxaca aún resisten su implementación. »
February 16, 2018 / Jane Slaughter
Five years after the Mexican government passed a controversial “education reform” law with no public discussion, teachers in the southern state of Oaxaca are still resisting its implementation. »
February 15, 2018 /
After Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials terrorized undocumented workers by raiding 7-Elevens nationwide last month, and with 800,000 federal workers’ jobs on temporary shutdown over the status of the Dreamers, now’s a good time to take a look at how U.S. immigration policies affect the workplace. »
February 09, 2018 / Dan DiMaggio
With less than two months to go, we’re happy to report that we’re on pace for the biggest Labor Notes Conference yet. We hope to see you in Chicago, April 6-8—and that you’ll be coming with a group! »
January 31, 2018 / Chris Brooks
Income inequality is higher today than any time since the Great Depression. One reason why is the widening gap between pay and productivity—a graph that resembles an alligator’s mouth. »
January 19, 2018 / Dan DiMaggio
AT&T Mobility workers in 36 states, who struck for three days last May, finally have a new contract. They had been without one for eight months. »
January 10, 2018 /
After losing a high-profile election at the Chattanooga Volkswagen plant in 2014, the Auto Workers won a smaller unit: the skilled-trades workers at the plant. »
January 04, 2018 / Chris Brooks
One of corporate America’s next big goals might surprise you: passing legislation to prevent unions from having to represent workers who don’t pay dues. This is just the latest of many business-friendly labor law reforms proliferating across the country. »
December 22, 2017 /
A year ago, when local union leaders and activists gathered at our Central Labor Council of Nashville and Middle Tennessee strategic planning meeting, we learned that the right-wing policy group the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) was hosting its big annual conference in our city in 2018. »