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April 10, 2015 /
Teaching and research assistants at New York University again became the only graduate workers at a U.S. private university with a union contract. »
April 09, 2015 /
Chicago teachers now have one of their own on the city council. Susan Sadlowski Garza, school counselor and Chicago Teachers Union executive board member, declared victory this week over incumbent John Pope. »
April 03, 2015 /
Workers at a Chrysler parts center near Detroit have started a petition to bring outsourced janitorial jobs back in-house. »
April 02, 2015 /
Check out photos from the New York City Troublemakers School and mark your calendars for our next national conference. »
March 27, 2015 /
Low-wage airport workers who heft bags and refuel planes have regained an important tool: the right to go on strike. »
March 25, 2015 / Dan DiMaggio
Right-wing legislators and pressure groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council continue their push to expand “right to work” across the country, though it appears Wisconsin will be the only state to enact it in 2015. »
March 17, 2015 /
Without aggressive action, the right-to-work tsunami will sweep more states. "Just Cause for All" campaigns should be part of the strategy. »
March 16, 2015 /
Home security company ADT has locked out employees in North Carolina who are seeking their first union contract. The company's "final offer" would have slashed pay by up to 30 percent. »
March 13, 2015 /
The president of Long Beach City College gets paid more than Joe Biden—while the adjuncts who do most of the teaching try to scrape by on $10,000 a year. »
March 11, 2015 / Alexandra Bradbury
Four thousand turned out in West Virginia March 7—a day after "right to work" passed in Wisconsin. The threat is dead for this legislative session, but clearly not dead for good. »