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January 18, 2017 /
Adapted from remarks by Rand Wilson on January 16 at the Capital District Area Labor Federation's 20th Annual MLK Labor Celebration in Albany, New York. In the nearby town of Waterford, 700 workers are on strike at Momentive Performance Materials, while in Green Island, dozens have been locked out at a Honeywell aerospace plant for more than nine months. »
January 12, 2017 /
Last week auto workers from Chicago and Detroit made a pilgrimage to the birthplace of auto workers' sit-down strikes to lend solidarity to workers who’ve been locked out for eight months and counting. »
December 22, 2016 / Chris Brooks
Fast food CEO Andrew Pudzer for Labor Secretary… Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as Energy Secretary… Billionaire Betsy DeVos, enemy of public schools and public workers, to head Education… »
December 13, 2016 / Dan DiMaggio
What can you do to help your brothers and sisters when they’re on strike or locked out? You might follow the example of Head Start teacher Jonathan Dudley. When Aubuchon Hardware locked out 60 workers in the town next door, he sprang into action and raised $1,830—enough to buy each worker a Thanksgiving turkey. »
December 09, 2016 /
President-elect Donald Trump achieved something extraordinary when he cut that recent deal with Carrier/United Technologies. Not the jobs. I’m talking about the torrent of outrage he triggered regarding public subsidies for big business. »
November 23, 2016 / Dan DiMaggio
Seven hundred workers who make adhesives and sealants for Momentive Performance Materials will spend Thanksgiving on the picket lines. »
November 22, 2016 / Dan DiMaggio
Fired up after a Labor Notes stewards training, workers at the Camden County Board of Social Services organized an impromptu red-shirt day. »
November 18, 2016 / Chris Brooks
Jim Beam distillery workers won some relief from grueling hours and defeated a two-tier wage scale by going on the first strike in company history. »
November 17, 2016 / Jane Slaughter
“Fired Up or Burned Out?” asks a new slate running for office in the Detroit Teachers union (DFT). “Which one are you?” »