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Labor Lessons from Mississippi Freedom Summer

Jul 22 /

It’s the 50th anniversary of Mississippi Freedom Summer. While that summer’s campaign focused on political rights, the organizing holds plenty of lessons for unionists. Some carried those lessons into the labor movement. »

Hoffa Threatens Teamster Democracy

Jul 16 /

Facing a wave of anger over concessions—and with the 2016 election fast approaching—Teamster brass are taking aim at members' right to vote. »

Britain Strikes for a Day

Jul 11 /

Hundreds of thousands of public sector workers shut down government offices and schools the length and breadth of Britain yesterday to protest not only their poverty pay but the loss of 400,000 public sector jobs. »

Climate Campaign Tipping Point? Unions Get on Board

Jul 21 /

A major climate change march in New York September 21 may be a tipping point for labor movement participation in global warming activism. »

Pushed to the Wall, Nurses Refused Overtime

Jul 15 /

For years we'd petitioned in vain to improve staffing in the emergency department. To finally make management blink, it took a blank sheet of paper. »

Facebook Organizing: Legal Do’s and Don’ts

Jul 9 /

Workers are using Facebook to talk to each other about what happens on the job and in the union, and some are even using it to organize for change. »

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Much Improved But Unremarked, NYC Sick Leave Takes Effect

Jul 30 /

New York City workers can start using paid sick leave today, under a law passed in March with meager publicity. As a result, around 1.2 million workers are gaining the right to paid sick leave. »

A Rank-and-File Appeal: ‘No More Tiers!’

Jul 29 /

"As tier two workers we can scarcely afford to buy the vehicles we build!" wrote a GM worker to new UAW President Dennis Williams. "We are ready to stand up and be counted as the 2015 contract approaches." Co-workers signed a T-shirt to show they agree. »

Book Review: Hardhats, Hippies, and Hawks

Jul 24 /

Investigating the myth of the pro-war hardhat, author Penny Lewis asks, "Who caused the greatest disruption to the US capacity to fight in Vietnam?” and makes the case that “working people were at the forefront.” »