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San Francisco Teachers Elect Reformers to Lead Union

Jun 10 /

The new leaders of United Educators of San Francisco are pledging to empower members, take on standardized testing, and back struggles for affordable housing. »

Will Kaiser's Labor Partnership Crack?

Jun 1 /

It’s this year’s biggest private-sector bargaining, covering 100,000 workers. But the national deal due June 4 may reveal widening cracks in the giant health system's celebrated partnership with unions. »

Building Power in Many Languages

May 28 /

How do you organize and build unity among workers who don’t speak the same language? In this month's Steward's Corner organizers share tips for building power in multiple languages. »

SeaTac's Fight for 15: Why Faith Was Key

Jun 9 /

The fight for a $15 minimum wage in SeaTac, Washington, only blossomed after union and community allies stepped beyond their comfort zones, uniting behind a cause that had nothing to do with fair pay. »

Walmart Workers Fast to Fight Closures

May 29 /

Workers set up camp outside a Los Angeles Walmart this week and held a one-day fast to protest the corporation’s retaliation against their organizing. »

Spotlight on Baltimore

May 26 /

The crisis in Baltimore following the killing of Freddie Gray has laid bare a city strained beyond human capacity by inequality and police violence. Through the Fair Development Campaign, United Workers and others in the labor movement are calling for a new kind of development. »

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Viewpoint: Communication Workers Look Ahead

Jun 18 /

Over four often-contentious days in Detroit in June, delegates to the national convention of the Communications Workers (CWA) chose new leadership, upheld the rights of strikers, and grappled with racism and police brutality. »

Who's Really to Blame for Train Wrecks?

Jun 16 /

Rail workers argue that tragedies like the Amtrak rain derailment on May 12 could be avoided, if companies equipped workers with the tools necessary to perform the job safely. »

Trouble at Airbnb

Jun 8 /

In San Francisco, UNITE HERE Local 2 is taking a stand against the fast-growing startup Airbnb, which is threatening members’ work and homes. »