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In Wisconsin, A Test Case for Right to Work

May 18 /

Three years after losing a ten-week strike over the right to collect dues, about 200 union members at Manitowoc Cranes in northeast Wisconsin face continuing efforts to decimate their treasury—an experience other unions may soon also face under the state’s new so-called “right to work” law. »

Mexican Auto Workers Fired for Protesting Sexual Harassment

May 12 /

At the new Mazda assembly plant in Salamanca, Mexico, 20 workers were fired in March for supporting a co-worker who was being sexually harassed by their supervisor. »

How the 'Wentzville 41' Defied GM and Saved Seniority

May 6 /

When 41 Missouri auto workers took a stand against job rotation, they were fired—but not for long, after support flowed in from around the country. “Two things enable you to stand strong: faith and guts,” one said. »

Building a Stewards Council

May 13 /

Want a stronger union at work? Consider building a stewards council. »

New York Hospitals On Notice

May 8 /

Thousands of nurses poured into the streets of New York City, coordinating their contract campaign across 17 hospitals for the first time. Voting for strike authorization could come soon. »

Vermont Betrayal: Governor Turns the Hose on Workers

Apr 27 /

Abandoning universal health care, as it turned out, was only the opening shot in Governor Peter Shumlin’s barrage against working people this year. But in the face of the assaults, the local labor movement is showing new energy. »

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Why 'Ban the Box' Matters

May 4 /

Applying for an entry-level job? One study found that a criminal record cuts in half the chance you’ll even get an interview. But there’s a national movement to end this discrimination: “Ban the Box.” »

Brink's Armored Car Workers Join Fight for 15 and a Union

Apr 30 /

At Chicago’s latest Fight for 15 rally, one group of strikers stood out: Brink’s armored truck drivers and messengers, complete with gun belts and bulletproof vests. »

Who's Making Less than $15?

Apr 27 /

Who's earning less than $15? A new report from the National Employment Law Project highlights trends in six diverse industries, from fast food to auto manufacturing. »