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Aug 20 /

More than a Flag: South Carolina Dockers Push Racial Justice Further

Aug 20 /

Longshore Local 1422 is spearheading “Days of Grace” September 5 and 6: a march in downtown Charleston and a strategy conference. Themes include policing, wages, union rights, voting rights, and Medicaid. »

‘Teach for America’ Teachers Can Join the Union

Aug 7 /

In a good sign for teacher union drives around the country, a Labor Board hearing officer opted to include Teach for America teachers in the union vote at a Detroit charter school chain. »

Can Auto Shed Its Tiers?

Jul 22 /

Eight years after accepting a drastic two-tier system of wages and benefits—and nearly a decade since the first tier got a raise—the United Auto Workers are bargaining with the Big 3 automakers. »

Turning an Issue into a Campaign

Aug 11 /

When you turn a workplace issue into a campaign, grievances become a tool for building union power. »

New York Assembly Backs Single Payer

Jul 28 /

New York’s State Assembly in May overwhelmingly passed a bill to establish a single-payer-style health care system, with unprecedented support from unions. »

Good Jobs On the Line in Verizon Rematch

Jul 20 /

Verizon wants to drive down costs, shrink its union workforce even further, and get out of the landline business. But in negotiations this summer it’s coming head-to-head with its unions, who want to protect gains won through decades of struggle. »

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Ohio Unions Upstage Koch Brothers with Big Protest

Aug 27 /

The Americans for Prosperity convention was supposed to showcase Republican presidential hopefuls, but 3,000 demonstrators became the bigger news story. »

Verizon Workers Launch ‘Militant Mondays’

Aug 25 /

Contracts expired in August for 28,000 union members at AT&T Southeast and 38,000 at Verizon in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. »

SeaTac Airport's $15 Minimum Wage Beats Corporate Challenge

Aug 21 /

Alaska Airlines fought long and hard to block the $15 minimum wage for airport workers in SeaTac, Washington—but it has finally lost. »