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Overwhelming Union Win for American Airlines Agents

Sep 18 /

After many close votes against unionization, American Airlines passenger service agents scored an overwhelming victory, voting 86 percent to unionize. The win covers 14,500 workers, the largest union-representation vote in the U.S. this year. »

Grain Agreement Ends Lockouts in Northwest Ports

Sep 10 /

A hard-won contract settlement has ended the 15- and 18-month lockouts of two Longshore locals by grain companies in Portland and Vancouver, Washington. »

They Don’t Need a Majority To Get Things Done

Aug 27 /

Workers at the North Carolina Cummins diesel engine plant won wage increases this summer—even without having a recognized union or majority union support inside their shop. »

Rail Workers Vote Down Single-Person Crews

Sep 11 /

Railroaders voted down a covertly negotiated deal that would have allowed huge freight trains to rumble across the western U.S. with just an engineer onboard, no conductor. “There’s a real rank-and-file rebellion going on right now.” »

Defend (and Understand) Your Transgender Members

Sep 3 /

This was new territory for the shop steward—trying to help out a transgender worker—but he knew his job was the same as ever: protect her rights. »

‘Mike Brown Is Our Son’

Aug 20 /

“My first reaction was ‘oh no, not again,’” said Mark Esters, an organizer for the Communications Workers in the St. Louis area. “And trying to take it all in. And then, what should our response be? The answer was collective action." »

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Review: Why Privatization Fails

Sep 29 /

It's a story that anyone concerned about attacks on the public sector should know. Janine Booth's new book shows not only how transit privatization failed in London, but why it had to fail. »

Did Lear Strike Really Beat Two-Tier?

Sep 26 /

The one-day strike at the Hammond, Indiana, seating plant showed real leverage, shutting down Ford's Chicago Assembly Plant. But despite union pronouncements, it didn't exactly end two-tier. Lower-seniority workers will be shunted off to a new plant, "Lear II," where pay will remain low. »

Bus Company Fails at Racial Divide and Conquer

Sep 25 /

Bus workers in Amalgamated Transit Union Local 788 won a new contract after they called out management on outrageous racism. »