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Defend (and Understand) Your Transgender Members

Sep 3 /

This was new territory for the shop steward—trying to help out a transgender worker—but he knew his job was the same as ever: protect her rights. »

‘Mike Brown Is Our Son’

Aug 20 /

“My first reaction was ‘oh no, not again,’” said Mark Esters, an organizer for the Communications Workers in the St. Louis area. “And trying to take it all in. And then, what should our response be? The answer was collective action." »

In North Carolina, Fast Food and Moral Mondays Movements Build Ties

Aug 13 /

It was the rare meeting of Southern workers that struck a note of optimism. Fast food strikers, union members, and Moral Mondays arrestees have been turning out regularly for each other's fights. »

They Don’t Need a Majority To Get Things Done

Aug 27 /

Workers at the North Carolina Cummins diesel engine plant won wage increases this summer—even without having a recognized union or majority union support inside their shop. »

McDonald’s Can’t Hide Behind Franchise System

Aug 18 /

McDonald’s workers demanding “$15 and a union” have reason to cheer. A move by the National Labor Relations Board throws a big wrench in the corporation’s franchise system and could open the door to more worker organizing. »

Viewpoint: California Job Safety Weakened By ‘Friends of Labor’ Politicians

Aug 8 /

For their own protection, California workers and their unions had better start raising hell about the erosion of job safety protections since Democrat Jerry Brown became governor four years ago with strong labor backing. »

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Review: How Coal Miners Fought the Railroad Barons

Sep 17 /

Digging for a little historical inspiration? You'll find a rich seam in Andrew Arnold's account of how 19th century coal miners used their leverage in a wildly profitable supply chain to demand a living wage. They also invented dues check-off, by the way. »

New Safety-Conscious GM? Not for Injured Workers

Sep 16 /

“There’s an epidemic of disabled autoworkers at GM factories,” said organizer Paige Shell-Spurling at a recent protest. That's why four injured Colombian ex-GM workers are on hunger strike with lips sewn shut, and one is buried up to his neck. »

Protests Break the Silence of Grief over Turkish Mine Disaster

Sep 9 /

Each passing day we understand better: what happened May 13 was no accident. It was the result of privatization, corporate negligence, and an indifferent government. »