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Nurses Strike: It’s Not Just about Ebola

Nov 11 /

The Ebola scare highlights problems—lack of supplies and training, for instance, and short staffing most of all—that also hit at the root of much more common safety risks in health care. »

Voters Favor Higher Wages, Sick Pay

Nov 5 /

Midterm elections were mostly bad news for workers and unions. But when voters saw working-class issues directly on the ballot, like raising the minimum wage or guaranteeing sick leave, they voted for them. »

Fight Is On for Stable Hours

Oct 29 /

There's an emerging national movement around fair work schedules, as retail and fast food workers demand predictable and adequate hours. »

Got Unfair Labor Practices? Put ’em to Use

Nov 10 /

Employer unfair labor practices can be a gift in disguise, providing a defense against the most dangerous employer weapons. Unions can use ULPs to help win contract campaigns, strikes, and other confrontations. »

Caseworkers Ally with Clients to Restore Human Services

Nov 4 /

Protests have brought together an unusual alliance in Chicago. Recipients of public benefits and state public aid employees alike wielded toilet brushes and “scrub Maximus” posters. »

FairPoint Workers Strike against Wall Street “Wolves”

Oct 23 /

Two thousand telecommunications workers walked off their jobs in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine last Friday after FairPoint Communications imposed its final bargaining table proposal. »

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Employers Keep Shifting Costs under Affordable Care Act

Nov 25 /

The assault on employment-based benefits continues, with large companies raising employer contributions or shifting costs onto their workers in other ways. »

Three Myths of Teacher Tenure

Nov 20 /

In my five years organizing with non-union health care workers who wanted to join the union, job security was always one of their top issues. But when it comes to teachers having job security, the myths kick in. »

Review: To Understand Ford-U.S., Study the Ford Empire

Nov 19 /

At Britain's Ford-Dagenham plant, workers did not submit gently to labor-management cooperation. They locked managers in their offices, marched through the plant setting off fire alarms, threw tea mugs at windows, and turned fire hoses on police. »