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In North Carolina, Fast Food and Moral Mondays Movements Build Ties

Aug 13 /

It was the rare meeting of Southern workers that struck a note of optimism. Fast food strikers, union members, and Moral Mondays arrestees have been turning out regularly for each other's fights. »

Viewpoint: California Job Safety Weakened By ‘Friends of Labor’ Politicians

Aug 8 /

For their own protection, California workers and their unions had better start raising hell about the erosion of job safety protections since Democrat Jerry Brown became governor four years ago with strong labor backing. »

How to ‘Act Like a Union’ on a Labor-Management Committee

Aug 1 /

The union should approach every meeting of a Labor-Management Committee with the same mindset that it would bring to contract bargaining, never forgetting that management’s goals and the union’s are distinct. »

Rail Workers Revolt against Driving Solo

Aug 12 /

“There’s a real rank-and-file rebellion going on right now,” says one conductor. Railroaders are racing to put the brakes on a secret deal that would allow huge freight trains to rumble across the western U.S. with just an engineer onboard, no conductor. »

Don’t Leave Chants to Chance

Aug 5 /

Good chants matter. They’re sound bites, which is what the media seeks, so they can really get your message across. And when chants work, they express and embody collective power—so they help make your action work, too. »

Taking a Bite Out Of Overtime Abuse

Jul 28 /

Overtime laws only get enforced if workers get organized to do so, and many workers are doing just that, beating back employer demands for longer days. »

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‘Hands Up, Don’t Ship!’ Minneapolis UPS Workers Protest Shipments to Missouri Police

Aug 26 /

A dozen part-time UPS workers took protest action after discovering ties between Missouri law enforcement and a company whose shipments they handle each day. »

Six Hundred Cleaning Ladies Re-Invigorating Greek Movement

Aug 25 /

Fired janitors have been occupying the entrance of Greece's Ministry of Economic Development, among other creative tactics. Their fighting spirit is infectious. »

Market Basket Strike Looks Like a Strike Should

Aug 22 /

Striking Market Basket employees are waging a colorful and creative, community-based struggle to keep their CEO, Arthur T. Demoulas. »