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Chrysler Workers Vote 2 to 1 to Reject Two-Tier Pact

Oct 1 /

In local after local, auto workers voted down a national deal with Chrysler, aiming to force their union bargainers back to the table. Some call the contract a "bridge to nowhere." »

How to Start Talking about Race in Your Union

Sep 23 /

A new committee of AFSCME 3299 members wants the union to aid social movements for racial justice. But the group's first step is more modest: starting one-on-one conversations. »

Seattle Teachers Reach Settlement after Five-Day Strike

Sep 16 /

Teachers have returned to work as they review their tentative agreement. While some were disappointed at the wage increases, they won on other important issues, including evaluations. »

Could Pension Attack Provoke Another Chicago Teachers Strike?

Sep 29 /

Three years after their strike won national headlines, teachers, paraprofessionals, and clinicians are angry over Mayor Rahm Emanuel's new attack. »

Hunger Strike to Save Dyett High School Hits One-Month Mark

Sep 17 /

In Chicago, 12 South Side community activists are on a hunger strike to force the school board to re-open their neighborhood high school. »

Boeing Union's Tough Lesson: Don't Bargain without Leverage

Sep 4 /

Opening up the contract early created a dangerous precedent for the 33,000 members of Machinists District Lodge 751. »

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As Shutdown Looms, It's Déjà Vu All Over Again for Federal Workers

Sep 30 /

"Yogi, we miss you," writes Howard Egerman, local union officer in a Social Security office. He's protested unpaid government shutdowns over and over. »

Fight for What We Deserve, Not Just What We Think We Can Win

Sep 21 /

Unions that are willing to aim high might win something worth having. »

Auto Workers Wonder, Why Chrysler?

Sep 17 /

The United Auto Workers settled a new contract with Fiat Chrysler September 15, and local leaders are now learning the details. »