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Can Teamsters Save the Right to Retire?

Apr 21 /

"If they can get away with something like this, what’s next?" asks retired trucker Brad Colesworthy. With pension cuts looming, at age 75 he’s back to work full-time, driving a school bus. »

With Second Strike Looming, Twin Cities Janitors Clean Up

Apr 12 /

Janitors are building a coalition to confront the Twin Cities' extreme racial and economic inequality. Their new contract pushes wages for most of the workforce over $15 an hour immediately. »

Chicago Strikes Again

Mar 29 /

April 1 is shaping up to be a big moment for the Chicago labor movement, and once again, teachers are leading the charge. »

On the Line with Verizon Strikers

Apr 21 /

Thirty-nine thousand Verizon workers walked off their jobs April 13, beginning one of the largest strikes in years. »

A Record-Breaking Conference and an Exciting New Book

Apr 11 /

What a shot in the arm! The 2016 Labor Notes Conference was the biggest and best yet, and we're proud to debut our new book, Secrets of a Successful Organizer. »

Chicago Teachers to Strike for Public Schools and Services

Mar 24 /

The Chicago Teachers Union will hold a one-day strike and citywide day of action April 1. »

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Dealing with 'Freeloaders'

Apr 18 /

What if stewards didn't have to represent non-members? Just ask a Tennessee teacher whether that's a union-building or union-busting policy. »

This Shopping Is No Fun

Feb 24 /

Whether we like it or not, every December Labor Notes staffers get a firsthand look at how the new state health insurance exchanges are working. »

Fast Food Strikers March on Iowa’s Republican Debate

Feb 3 /

Des Moines fast food workers struck days before the caucus, hoping to use the news media's temporary obsession with Iowa to highlight the campaign for a $15 minimum wage. »