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Steward's Corner: Use Recertification to Build Your Union

Feb 16 /

Many thought Governor Scott Walker’s anti-union Act 10 would be a death sentence for Wisconsin’s public sector unions. But teacher unions around the state have taken the law’s obstacles and turned them into organizing opportunities. »

Chicago Teachers Take On Rahm Democrats

Feb 9 /

The teacher union and its allies are making a bid to channel the spirit and unity of the 2012 strike into unseating “Mayor 1%” and his city council cronies. »

Women Sue Ford Over Sexual Harassment

Jan 29 /

Four women have filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of themselves and the 1,000 women working at Chicago’s Ford Assembly plant, saying sexual harassment at the plant is out of control. »

At Last, Private Sector Faculty Get Green Light to Unionize

Feb 11 /

A new Labor Board ruling could finally unstick the unionization of professors in the private sector—a project that’s been stalled for 35 years. »

Jail Infirmary Workers Raise Alarm on Unsafe Staffing

Feb 2 /

In Pittsburgh, as health care workers at the Allegheny County Jail fight for better care for inmates, they are finding allies among community activists. »

Teamsters Secure their Right to Vote, In Time for 2016 Election

Jan 28 /

The right to vote for top officers will now be permanently enshrined in the Teamster constitution. And after a wave of anger at concessions, some of Hoffa’s big opponents are teaming up against him. »

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Out of the Closet: A Sanitation Worker Fights Discrimination

Feb 26 /

Management had to go to arbitration for trying to put me in that closet. The arbitrator thought it was disgraceful. But they still won’t let me in the women’s locker room. »

Chicago Teachers Force Rahm into a Runoff

Feb 25 /

On election night the Chicago Teachers Union and its new independent political organization didn’t knock out Mayor Rahm Emanuel—but they did take him down a notch, forcing him into a runoff with the union’s preferred candidate, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia. »

VIDEO: What If Unions Took to Heart the Need to Organize Their Own Members?

Feb 24 /

Too often when we start talking about organizing, we immediately focus on workers outside of unions. »