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Support for Sanders Grows in Unions

Jul 17 /

Bernie Sanders’ campaign for president is drawing impressive crowds to rallies across the country. Many union members are part of this groundswell of support, and he’s won the backing of a number of local unions and state AFL-CIOs. »

How Migrant Farmworkers Are Cross-Pollinating Strategies and Winning

Jul 6 /

When workers cross borders, they carry with them their organizing experience and transnational networks. »

Supreme Court Will Take Case That Could Make Public Sector 'Right to Work'

Jun 30 /

After saving the Affordable Care Act again and protecting same-sex couples' right to marry, the justices ended their term by opting to hear the case that public sector unions have been trying to make go away. »

Grocery Workers Find Their Voice

Jul 16 /

After years of wage concessions, workers at Canada’s largest grocery chain voted down a first deal, forcing their employer back to the table to do better. »

Clean Up Your Act: Janitors Strike at Mega-Retailers

Jul 1 /

Workers from eight cleaning companies and 50 locations joined a one-day strike—the largest yet in their campaign to raise standards for Twin Cities retail janitors. »

Who's Next: Making Space for Young Workers in the Union

Jun 23 /

As unions try to get young members more involved, young worker programs have popped up in many national unions. We spoke to three young organizers to hear what's working. »

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Verizon Contract Expires with No Deal In Sight

Aug 3 /

The contract covering 39,000 Verizon workers from Massachusetts to Virginia expired August 1. »

In First Contract, UConn Grad Assistants Win Raises and Much More

Jul 31 /

One tactic was a public "work-in" to draw attention to their labor. Graduate assistants at the University of Connecticut teach thousands of undergraduates and conduct research that helps bring in more than $150 million a year. »

Organizing Is the Key to Surviving Friedrichs

Jul 30 /

A decision that makes the whole public sector “right to work” could be devastating. But public sector workers didn’t always have legal protection to unionize, bargain, or strike. They won those rights—by organizing without them. »