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Find the Boss’s Weak Spot, Or Make One

Oct 14 /

For some companies it's their logo, or the image they've spent millions of dollars cultivating. For others it's a bottleneck in the process, or a weakness in their just-in-time inventory. Whatever it is, find it and you've got power. »

Nurses, Bus Drivers, Teachers: Facing Violence on the Job

Oct 7 /

After an attack by a patient, a nurse is in a coma and not expected to recover. “It’s an exaggerated version of what happens every day...Our members are so livid at management’s callousness.” »

High-Flying Drones and Basement Wages: Alarming Trends in Package Delivery

Sep 24 /

Online retailer Amazon is opening its own mail sorting plants and sending public letter carriers out delivering its groceries at 4 a.m. Call it privatization by a thousand cuts. If you work sorting, trucking, or delivering packages, is Amazon coming after your job next? »

Women Lead Sanitation Strike at Massive Education Complex in China

Oct 13 /

Most of the striking workers were villagers together, displaced a decade ago when the university "Mega Center" took over their island. They're the latest in a rising tide of sanitation worker strikes in the Pearl River Delta. »

Everyone On the Bus: Rider-Driver Alliances

Sep 30 /

Transit cuts put a strain on the community, and the effects are similar on the workers who make public transportation run. With so much common interest, there are plenty of opportunities for solidarity between transit riders and drivers. »

Viewpoint: Unusual Victory At Market Basket

Sep 22 /

In a highly unusual management-led action, employees paralyzed the company’s 71 stores and promoted a devastating consumer boycott to get CEO Arthur T. Demoulas back. The struggle contains lessons for organized labor. »

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More Workers Demand $15

Oct 20 /

The demand for $15 an hour is spreading. Agitation for $15 started with fast food and airport workers but now Walmart and home care workers are joining in. »

Workers Push for First Contracts at Three Guitar Center Stores

Oct 16 /

Workers at the retail chain want reform of a pernicious commission system known as "the fade." Guitar Center, now owned by Bain Capital, has responded with a fierce anti-union campaign. »

Review: Behind China's Wildcat Strike Wave

Oct 15 /

Eli Friedman's new book Insurgency Trap: Labor Politics in Postsocialist China shows why the rising wave of protests sometimes wins concrete gains, but stops short of forming lasting organizations that could alter the balance of power. »