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Dealing with Difficult Supervisors

Dec 10 /

Supervisors have various strategies to try to put stewards off, trip you up, or get around the contract. Being prepared can help you feel more confident, be more effective, and avoid getting caught off guard. »

Hands Up, Fast Food!

Dec 5 /

Workers across the country began their strike actions with a minute of silence and their hands held up over their heads. In St. Louis and Ferguson especially, the mood has shifted since Michael Brown was shot, a worker said. There’s a sense the struggles are interconnected. »

Union Fights 'Teacher Jail'

Nov 24 /

Imagine being removed from your workplace for misconduct—without being told what you did wrong. Imagine waiting years to find out whether you can return. »

The Logic of Short Hospital Strikes

Dec 8 /

What makes a strike strong? In a factory, your power is your ability to halt production. But the strategy has to be different in health care. »

Fighting Fatigue

Dec 3 /

Transportation companies are pressuring employees to work tired, ignoring the dangers. »

It’s the People’s Mail that Will Be Slowed, Workers Say

Nov 18 /

Postal management is whittling down to the bone the infrastructure that serves first-class mail—catering instead to big corporate customers. Phase two hits January 5. »

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Cromnibus Continues Attack on Pensions

Dec 15 /

There are plenty of setbacks for working people, and benefits for the rich and corporations, in the $1.1 trillion appropriations bill just passed by Congress. But what it does to pension protections is appalling. »

Retirees, Watch Out: Detroit May Become Blueprint for Other Cities

Dec 2 /

Most of the "debt" Detroit is shedding in its bankruptcy translates into slashing people's health insurance. “Many people who thought they had a decent nest egg are going to find themselves living in poverty," says city retiree Cecily McClellan. »

Review: How the U.S. Economy Was Built on Slavery

Dec 1 /

Edward Baptist's poignant and rigorous book should summon our collective will to finally redress the lingering injustices created by this most American institution. »