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So You Think Your Workplace is Disorganized?

Jun 16 / , ,

An organizer has to learn to recognize the existing networks and natural leaders, who may be hidden in plain sight. »

Strikes Sweep France, Opposing Labor Law Rollbacks

Jun 9 /

Just as massive numbers of tourists enter France for the European soccer championship, strikes are preventing half the trains from running. »

B&H Workers Train to Win

Jun 8 /

How did B&H workers hold so strong even when their boss threatened mass firings? They got the organizing skills they needed from in-depth leadership training with the Laundry Workers Center. »

Teachers Take On Student Discipline

Jun 14 /

Teachers are drawing attention to racial disparities in suspensions and the "school-to-prison pipeline." »

Permanent Replacements? Not So Fast, Labor Board Says

Jun 8 /

A game-changing ruling says employers shouldn't use replacement as a weapon against strikers. »

Verizon Strike Shows Corporate Giants Can Be Beat

Jun 3 /

Strikers returned to work June 1 with their heads held high, after a victorious 45-day strike that beat back numerous management concessions. »

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Political Crisis and Anti-Immigrant Assaults Follow Britain's Vote to Leave the European Union

Jun 30 /

The immediate future is bleak, unless unions rally their members to action against the gutting of worker rights that’s already at the core of the Conservative government’s agenda, and in defense of immigrants’ rights as well. »

A Strike, Huh? Boss's Idea Pans Out

Jun 29 /

Employers should be careful what they wish for. One Hawaiian nursing home lashed out at workers with a bogus charge that they'd gone on strike. Then the workers went on strike for real. »

South Korea: Independent Labor Leader Faces Eight Years In Jail

Jun 23 /

South Korean prosecutors are seeking an eight-year jail term for Han Sang-gyun, leader of the country’s 800,000-strong independent union federation. »