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Volkswagen in Tennessee: Productivity’s Price

Mar 12 /

In its bid to become the world's largest auto manufacturer, VW is trying to out-Toyota Toyota. Its Chattanooga plant provides a window into the state of the art of brutal productivity-maximizing "lean management" schemes. »

Wisconsin, Round Two: Walker Attacks Private Sector Workers

Mar 5 /

Wisconsin is poised to become the country's 25th "right to work" state. Why now? Factors include pressure from the governor's deep-pocketed funders, and an effort to deflect attention from his slash-and-burn budget. »

Safety Is Life-or-Death, Say Refinery Strikers

Feb 26 /

Thousands of oil refinery workers are on strike over health and safety. They cite outsourcing, short staffing, and forced overtime that produces dangerous fatigue—in a job where mistakes can be fatal. »

Wisconsin, Round Two: As Unions Hesitate, ‘Right to Work’ Advances

Mar 5 /

Thousands are rallying in last-ditch protests. But behind the scenes, grim labor leaders have largely taken a resigned attitude. »

Steward's Corner: In a ‘Right to Work’ State, Union Grows by Fighting Racism

Mar 4 /

The manager was targeting black workers for discipline. But when I started publicly standing up to her, many who’d never been interested in the union before came and signed up. They wanted to join me in fighting back. »

Telecom Strikers Win Limits on Outsourcing

Feb 23 /

FairPoint workers in New England have ratified a new contract, ending the longest U.S. telecom strike in decades. The deal limits subcontracting and averts two-tier wages, but wipes out the pension for new hires. »

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Court Slaps Down Airport Worker Strike Ban

Mar 27 /

Low-wage airport workers who heft bags and refuel planes have regained an important tool: the right to go on strike. »

Right-to-Work Threats, State by State

Mar 25 /

Right-wing legislators and pressure groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council continue their push to expand “right to work” across the country, though it appears Wisconsin will be the only state to enact it in 2015. »

Viewpoint: A Smart Strategy to Defeat ‘Right to Work’

Mar 17 /

Without aggressive action, the right-to-work tsunami will sweep more states. "Just Cause for All" campaigns should be part of the strategy. »