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Mass Layoff for Condos: Not Sweet, Really Low

Jan 21 /

The workers who make Sweet’N Low started the new year with some bitter news. Their factory will shut down in the next few months, likely to make way for luxury condos. »

How to Beat Retaliation, Even without a Union

Jan 6 /

Somos un Pueblo Unido, a New Mexico worker center, is honing a process to help even tiny groups of workers win changes through small collective actions—while staving off retaliation. »

Teamster Retirees Demand Trustees 'Stop the Rush' to Slash Pensions in Half

Dec 17 /

They thought their pensions were secure—but now they’re fighting to keep them. Hundreds of retirees are packing town hall meetings to protest Central States Fund cuts. »

Philly Teachers Go For It

Jan 21 /

For the first time since the '80s, a full slate is challenging longtime officers in the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers. The Working Educators want to involve members at every level of the union. »

2015 Year in Review: Grassroots Resistance Points the Way Forward

Dec 21 /

As the assault on union standards continues—wherever we still have them—glimmers of hope in 2015 came from below. »

Beating Apathy

Dec 15 /

Do you ever feel like you’re the only one who cares about the union? Everyone cares about something—but that something might not be what you expect. »

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Fast Food Strikers March on Iowa’s Republican Debate

Feb 3 /

Des Moines fast food workers struck days before the caucus, hoping to use the news media's temporary obsession with Iowa to highlight the campaign for a $15 minimum wage. »

Five Ways Rank and Filers Are Fundraising to Come to Labor Notes 2016

Jan 29 /

The more activists from your area attend, the more skills and inspiration they’ll bring back to local organizing. »

Viewpoint: The Flint Water Crisis from the Ground Up

Jan 22 /

Emergency manager laws like Michigan's are sprouting up all over the country. If the poisoning of an entire U.S. city doesn’t wake people up, I don’t know what will. »