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Why 2,600 Kaiser Mental Health Workers Are On Strike

Jan 12 /

Mental health clinicians hate to strike. We got into this profession to help people. But the situation is only getting worse. »

Review of 2014: Deep Trouble But Stirring Troublemaking

Dec 29 /

The year had a spirited and determined feel. Every time we turned around there was another sit-in or strike, ingenious job action or raucous flash mob. »

Interview: What Do The New Immigration Rules Mean?

Dec 18 /

Responding to years of pressure from immigrant activists, President Obama took executive action on November 20. We interviewed two activists about the executive order and what’s next in the fight for immigrant rights. »

When Bad Gripes Happen to Good Stewards

Jan 2 /

Stewards can turn discontent into campaigns that build workplace power. Sometimes, though, too much unproductive discontent is floating around. What to do? »

Vermont Governor Backs Away from Health Care for All

Dec 19 /

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin announced Wednesday that he was suspending his efforts to implement Green Mountain Care, the 2011 law that makes health care a right for every Vermonter. »

‘Employee Engagement’ No Substitute for a Union at VW

Dec 17 /

There’s no bargaining in Volkswagen’s new policy. On closer inspection, it looks more like something anti-union forces have been angling to try. And it's suspiciously similar to what Tennessee legislators have already imposed on teachers. »

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Review: 'Undocumented: How Immigration Became Illegal'

Jan 27 /

As the cries of “what part of illegal don’t you understand” escalate, Aviva Chomsky reminds us that the concept of illegal immigration only came into existence fifty years ago. »

Rail Workers and Environmentalists to Teach Each Other

Jan 21 /

With unusual public attention focused on coal and oil trains, a railroad workers group is seizing the opportunity to teach the general public “railroading 101”—and rail workers “environmental politics 101.” »

‘Solidarity Forever’ Written 100 Years Ago, Today

Jan 17 /

On a windblown, gray Chicago day 100 years ago, January 17, 1915, Ralph Chaplin left his home on the South Side for a raucous, poor person’s rally at the city’s famous women’s center, Hull House. »