Jenny Brown

Voting ends today for American Airlines passenger service agents deciding whether to unionize. It's the largest union representation election in the U.S. this year, a result of the merger between American and US Airways.

Overtime laws only get enforced if workers get organized to do so, and many workers are doing just that, beating back employer demands for longer days.

A major climate change march in New York September 21 may be a tipping point for labor movement participation in global warming activism.

Tricky bosses, faked timecards, excruciating hours, dangerous scrapes… Sounds like fodder for a television show, perhaps “America’s Next Worst Job.” But workers say these are the conditions in reality TV itself.

Steelworkers are holding the line against two-tier wages and pensions at a can plant in Toronto—ruining the plans of their employer, manufacturing giant Crown Holdings.

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers had been talking to Walmart, but it’s the first company to sign up before any public protests. Organizers say the now up-and-running Fair Food Program made the difference.

Too Poor for Obamacare

On a brisk December night in New York City, we walked to the Roosevelt Hospital emergency entrance, but my friend couldn’t make himself go in. We walked past the entrance twice.

The year was marked by workers trying new things and setting higher standards, for their employers, their unions, and—in the case of low-wage workers—their pay.