The Steward's Toolbox

If the union movement is going to find its way back from the wilderness, it will depend on new leaders. Where will we find them? Shop floor activists are the raw material for labor's revival.

Our movement needs thousands more stewards with the skills, confidence, and authority to stand up.

The Steward's Toolbox, edited by Labor Notes editor Mischa Gaus, is a how-to resource guide that gives stewards, union activists, and leaders new and old the skills and orientation they need.

Bringing together five years' worth of knowledge from the pages of Labor Notes magazine, the book offers eight chapters full of experience and advice on everything from how to defend past practices to how to build a successful coalition to defeat privatization. 235 pages.


"When I was a new officer in my local union, the combination of essential skills and rank-and-file vision that are the hallmark of Labor Notes were a key source of inspiration in our work to transform the local. The Steward's Toolbox continues that tradition. I'm recommending it to local officers everywhere in my union."

Larry Hanley, president, Amalgamated Transit Union

"The grievance process can grind up the best union activists. In order to rebuild working class power, stewards must be organizers. The Steward's Toolbox brings together tips and strategies to build justice and solidarity on the job and in our communities. Put the best of the best in the hands of your union’s activists."

Cherrene Horazuk, chief steward, AFSCME Local 3800 University of Minnesota clerical workers

"Good stewards need to play many roles. They need to see both the immediate issues and the bigger picture. As I’ve advanced to leadership in my union, Labor Notes has continued to help me develop my skills. That’s why The Steward’s Toolbox is so exciting—it’s tons of top-notch guidance all in one package. An invaluable resource."

Kristine Mayle, financial secretary, Chicago Teachers Union