No Contract, No Peace

Don't let your boss be the only one that's informed on your rights as a union member to organize a strike, picket, or action. Robert Schwartz's latest book, a revised third edition of No Contract, No Peace: A Legal Guide to Contract Campaigns, Strikes, and Lockouts, walks union members and leaders through their rights to speak out. An easy-to-read resource and a powerful tool for any union mobilizing its ranks, this book will help you organize your next contract campaign, work grievance action, or picket.

No Contract, No Peace vividly explains the crush of rules regulating economic warfare in the U.S. It is filled with examples, pointers, picketing instructions, sample letters, and answers to common questions. Schwartz provides valuable guidance on working without a contract, mobilizing members, ambulatory picketing, residential picketing, targeting outside businesses, dealing with scabs, unemployment benefits, unfair-labor-practice strikes, offers to return, lockouts, and other related topics. This book is a must for every union officer, steward, and activist!

Some of the many questions answered in No Contract, No Peace: A Legal Guide to Contract Campaigns, Strikes, and Lockouts: Why is working without a contract and conducting an inside campaign a promising alternative to a strike? In comparison with a strike, what are the four advantages of a lockout? How can failing to send a one-sentence notice to an obscure state agency make a strike illegal? Is being arrested for civil disobedience grounds for termination?