This workshop will be held on: Date: Thursday, January 27th Time: 8-9:30pm Eastern (7-8:30pm Central, 6-7:30pm Mountain, 5-6:30pm Pacific). One of the most important tools in the rank-and-file toolbox for transforming the labor movement is running for local union office. Internal elections are one of the ways that members can present a new way forward for the union, by putting the direction of the union in the hands of the membership—even if it means challenging existing leaders to do so. »
Join Haymarket and Labor Notes for a discussion about some of the key labor fights ahead in 2022. Date: Wednesday, January 19 Time: 7:00 PM-8:30 PM Eastern; 6-7:30 PM Central; 5-6:30 PM Mountain; 4-5:30 PM Pacific ***REGISTER HERE through Eventbrite to receive a link to the video conference on the day of the event. This event will also be recorded and live captioning will be provided.*** »
REGISTRATION FOR THIS EVENT IS CLOSED. Keep an eye on our events page (and your inbox) for future workshops! These are based on our widely-acclaimed book, Secrets of a Successful Organizer. These trainings will be held via Zoom. The sessions will run Tuesday from 8-10pm Eastern/7-9 Central/6-8 Mountain/5-7 Pacific on January 11, 18, and 25. We ask that you attend all three workshops in the series. »
REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR FUTURE EVENTS! Health and safety issues arise in every type of workplace. We want to keep our coworkers safe AND we want to build the power of the union. How can we do both at the same time? In this workshop, we'll hear from workers who turned the tables on their boss by getting coworkers involved in fights around health and safety issues. Participants will also identify good health and safety issues to organize around, and tackle sample scenarios. »
ONLINE REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. Walk-ins are welcome! Philadelphia-area unionists are planning a day of skill-building workshops, education, and strategy discussions to put some movement back in the labor movement. The goal is to help workers get active in resisting management attacks—and taking the fight on the offensive. In other words: to make “good trouble.” The school will be a great opportunity for union members and other workplace activists to share strategies and build the solidarity required in these tough times. »
Rank and file reform caucuses transform unions by establishing and enacting a new vision for the union. From the CORE caucus in the Chicago Teachers Union to Teamsters for a Democratic Union, reform caucuses show union members what is possible within democratic, transparent, militant union organizing. But how do we get there? Where do we start? »
REGISTRATION IS CLOSED ------- REGISTRATION IS CLOSED THIS WORKSHOP IS INTENDED FOR STEWARDS AND OFFICERS WHO WORK WITH STEWARDS! Please only attend if you are a steward or an officer who works with stewards - space will be limited. The workshop will be held on Monday, December 6th from 8-9:30pm ET/7-8:30pm Central/6-7:30pm Mountain/5-6:30pm Pacific. This was so popular the last time we did it that we decided to do it again! »
This is the third in a series of on-line workshops for higher education workers about how to organize around campus debt. »