Affiliation between the American Federation of Teachers and the National Federation of Nurses provides much-needed stability for the NFN—and raises questions about its ambitions.

Two of U.S. labor’s biggest recent strikes against concessions were conducted by the California Nurses Association and the National Union of Healthcare Workers. Their target each time was Kaiser Permanente, the giant California health care chain that has made $6 billion in profits since 2009 but still wants job cuts and givebacks.

When Chicago’s “Mayor 1%” Rahm Emanuel threatened to derail the National Nurses United rally this Friday, NNU didn’t back down. Chicago nurse Martese Chism tells why.

Nurses sang sour carols today to the private equity firm they say is starving Massachusetts hospitals and pitting workers against each other. Steward hospitals, owned by Cerberus Capital, is squeezing hard.

A visceral example of the disconnect between the 99% and the 1% has been the Sotheby's lock-out in New York, where Teamsters and occupiers are rallying together. It's a powerful one-two punch.

Reformers inside the New York State Nurses Association are one step closer to taking power in the 37,000-member union after a federal judge ordered the outgoing leaders to seat the winners of an August election.

Job growth is zero, but Congress is fixated on deficits, with a bad case of austerity fever. Now labor leaders are making noises about turning their backs on Democrats.

Thousands of nurses descended on local Congressional offices Thursday, demanding Wall Street pay for the crisis it created. They want a Wall Street transactions tax, which the national nurse union says could generate $350 billion.

In an election that could further alter the fast-changing landscape of nurse unions, reformers in the New York State Nurses Association gained a big majority on the organization’s board of directors.

Hundreds of nurses and their allies rallied on Wall Street Wednesday to remind the bankers they owe the nation, and the union movement is determined to collect. National Nurses United led the protest.


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