People at Labor Notes


Alexandra Bradbury, Editor

Al Bradbury joined the staff in October 2012. She worked with hospital workers as a researcher and organizer for Service Employees Local 49 in Oregon and now covers health care, postal, Teamsters, auto, higher ed, and LGBTQ workers. Al works out of our East Coast office in Brooklyn.

Mark Brenner, Director

Mark Brenner joined the staff in September 2005. He comes to Labor Notes from the University of Massachusetts, where he spent several years working with living wage campaigns around the country, as well as playing a leading role in his union. Mark currently covers SEIU, longshore, and logistics workers. Mark works out of our East Coast office in Brooklyn.

Jenny Brown, Co-editor

For 23 years, Jenny Brown was co-editor of the Iguana, a progressive monthly magazine in Gainesville, Florida, where she was a founder of what remains surely the most successful chapter of the Labor Party. She covers building trades, airlines, telecom, health and safety, health care policy, and women workers. She also designs the monthly magazine. Jenny works out of our East Coast office in Brooklyn.

Julia Kann, Staff Writer and Organizer

Julia joined Labor Notes at the end of 2013. Originally from San Francisco, she joins Labor Notes most recently from Washington, DC, where she worked as the Assistant Mobilizer at the the DC Labor Council. Julia covers transit, UFCW, worker centers, immigrant workers, and food chain organizing. Julia works out of our East Coast office in Brooklyn.

Adrian Montgomery, Operations Coordinator

Five years ago Adrian was featured trying to navigate the health care system in the Michael Moore documentary "Sicko." Since then she’s been organizing and educating for single-payer health care. Adrian works out of our headquarters in Detroit.

Samantha Winslow, Staff Writer and Organizer

Samantha joined the staff in November 2012. She was an organizer for SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West in California and later for the breakaway National Union of Healthcare Workers. Samantha covers teachers, public sector workers, UNITE HERE and the UE. Samantha works out of our East Coast office in Brooklyn.


  • Ellen David Friedman, NEA (retired)
  • Steve Early, The Newspaper Guild/Communications Workers of America, labor journalist, Bay Area
  • Nichele Fulmore, IBT Local 391, North Carolina
  • Pam Galpern, CWA 1101, New York City
  • Megan Hise, LIUNA Local 483, Portland, Oregon
  • Chris Kutalik, UNITE HERE, Texas
  • Ricardo Levins Morales, The Newspaper Guild/CWA, labor artist, Minneapolis
  • Shafeah M'Balia, Black Workers for Justice, North Carolina
  • Ken McNamara, Communications Workers of America Local 1037, New Jersey
  • Yanira Merino, LIUNA, Washington D.C.
  • Marsha Niemeijer, Committee of Interns and Residents/SEIU, New York City
  • Jose Oliva, Restaurant Opportunities Center, Chicago
  • Ken Paff, Teamsters for a Democratic Union, Detroit
  • Mike Parker, retired UAW 1700, Labor Notes author, Bay Area
  • Guillermo Perez, LCLAA, Pittsburgh
  • Teo Reyes, Transnationals Information Exchange, Philadelphia
  • Leonard Riley, ILA Local 1422 and Longshore Workers Coalition, Charleston, South Carolina
  • Louie Rocha, CWA Local 9423, San Jose, California
  • Tim Schermerhorn, Transport Workers Union Local 100, New York City
  • Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, N.Y. State Nurses Association, New York City
  • Jane Slaughter, former Labor Notes editor, Detroit, Michigan.
  • Baldemar Velasquez, Farm Labor Organizing Committee, Toledo, Ohio
  • Phyllis Walker, AFSCME Local 3800, Minneapolis
  • David Yao, APWU Greater Seattle

Organizations listed for identification purposes only.

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