The day a new union is certified, the clock starts ticking—and the crafty boss starts stalling. But it is possible to beat the employer at this game.

“Good morning! I’m on strike!” shouted McDonald’s worker Darryl Young this morning. Fast food workers across New York City staged a one-day strike today, calling for a raise and an end to anti-union retaliation.

Mario Medina wore a union button for 2.5 hours before his Las Vegas employer, Station Casinos, fired him. He’s one of a dozen fired in what the Culinary Union says is the biggest organizing drive underway.

Hotel workers in 20 cities are planning pickets, civil disobedience, and other actions this week to protest relentless efforts by Hyatt to drive workers harder and replace permanent jobs with temporary, lower-paid ones.

When the eight-year-old daughter of a striking Palermo’s Pizza factory worker tried to deliver a petition with 15,000 signatures pledging to boycott the Milwaukee-based frozen pizza company, she was turned away by police.

Perseverance paid off for the Farm Labor Organizing Committee in North Carolina as Reynolds finally agreed to meet with the union. FLOC has demanded since 2008 the tobacco giant discuss tobacco pickers' abysmal work conditions.

Restaurant workers organizing with the Restaurant Opportunities Center have trained their sights on their most ambitious target yet—a giant chain that wants to become the Walmart of sit-down dining.

Cablevision's Brooklyn technicians will lead a Martin Luther King Day march with the Reverend Al Sharpton to protest the company's racial disparities and prepare for a January 26 union election vote.

Every year the U.S. State Department grades countries on human trafficking, but it would do well to look at its own J-1 visa program, which one organizer called “the ultimate captive guestworker program.”

Target workers in Valley Stream, Long Island vote on union representation tomorrow. The election is the first at any of Target’s 1,755 stores and a win would crack the solidly anti-union wall surrounding big-box retail.


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