Troublemakers Blog

October 20, 2014 / Jenny Brown
The demand for $15 an hour is spreading. Agitation for $15 started with fast food and airport workers but now Walmart and home care workers are joining in. »
October 16, 2014 /
Workers at the retail chain want reform of a pernicious commission system known as "the fade." Guitar Center, now owned by Bain Capital, has responded with a fierce anti-union campaign. »
October 15, 2014 / Jane Slaughter
Eli Friedman's new book Insurgency Trap: Labor Politics in Postsocialist China shows why the rising wave of protests sometimes wins concrete gains, but stops short of forming lasting organizations that could alter the balance of power. »
October 09, 2014 /
This November marks the third anniversary of a major labor movement victory: the defeat of Ohio’s union-busting Senate Bill 5, 62 to 38 percent, in a public referendum. »
October 08, 2014 /
Adjuncts who teach college and university classes are organizing in at least 24 states and D.C. The Service Employees and other unions have adopted a Metro Strategy, targeting multiple institutions in the same region at once, with the goal of winning a master contract. »
October 06, 2014 /
Can recent experiments with alternative forms of organizing, such as worker centers and minority strikes, offer a solution to the labor movement’s long half-century of decline? »
October 03, 2014 / Alexandra Bradbury
After two weeks of protests, and a support strike by several unions, pro-democracy demonstrators were brutally attacked today by pro-government thugs in Hong Kong, scuttling the promise of talks between students and the government. »
October 01, 2014 /
Unlike the hotel workers who made the Hyatt hotel empire recognize their right to form unions, the workers at the Seattle Hyatt hotel chain have not been able to get their employer to agree. »
September 29, 2014 /
It's a story that anyone concerned about attacks on the public sector should know. Janine Booth's new book shows not only how transit privatization failed in London, but why it had to fail. »
September 26, 2014 /
The one-day strike at the Hammond, Indiana, seating plant showed real leverage, shutting down Ford's Chicago Assembly Plant. But despite union pronouncements, it didn't exactly end two-tier. Lower-seniority workers will be shunted off to a new plant, "Lear II," where pay will remain low. »