Sonia Singh

Workers who come to the U.S. and Canada on temporary guestworker visas are using new tools to share information about their rights and take on recruiter abuses.

Two hundred thousand teachers in Ontario, Canada, could launch escalating work-to-rule job actions when school starts in September.

After years of wage concessions, workers at Canada’s largest grocery chain voted down a first deal, forcing their employer back to the table to do better.

When workers cross borders, they carry with them their organizing experience and transnational networks.

Workers from eight cleaning companies and 50 locations joined a one-day strike—the largest yet in their campaign to raise standards for Twin Cities retail janitors.

How do you organize and build unity among workers who don’t speak the same language? In this month's Steward's Corner organizers share tips for building power in multiple languages.

Who's Making Less than $15?

Who's earning less than $15? A new report from the National Employment Law Project highlights trends in six diverse industries, from fast food to auto manufacturing.

As thousands of low-wage workers prepare to rally and strike, demanding $15 an hour and a union, their high-profile mobilization has already inspired workers in a range of industries far beyond fast food.