A New York City telephone workers local will be overseen by a monitor, after a union investigation revealed top leaders engaged in “a number of highly questionable practices involving compensation.”

A federal jury in San Francisco awarded damages to the Service Employees union on Friday in its suit against the new National Union of Healthcare Workers. After initial confusion about the award amount, it appears that the jury ordered a total of nearly $750,000 to SEIU and that the amount could come either from the new union or from 16 NUHW leaders who must pay amounts ranging from $30,000 to $75,000.

Here’s my 2 cents on the NUHW win among the Kaiser Permanente professionals. In my view, it was the result of several key ingredients—but especially the existence of stewards councils that continued on their own even under the SEIU trusteeship:

Attendees at an NUHW forum in Los Angeles had to pass a demonstration of a few hundred SEIU staffers and members who had arrived on buses. The SEIUers chanted, beat on drums, and threw eggs and water bottles in an unsuccessful effort to intimidate people from attending.

Seizing on procedural grounds to stop local leaders moving rapidly to disaffiliate, the AFT took over an Oregon health care local in July. Ousted leaders had floated the possibility of going independent, or joining with another AFL-CIO nurse union.

Detroit’s UNITE HERE Local 24 was padlocked in January after the union’s regional board took over the local’s office and removed the appointed state director. The takeover was the opening salvo in a leadership struggle developing ahead of the national union’s June convention...

The Service Employees’ internal battle took a decisive turn January 9, when the union’s top body approved plans to split apart a big dissident California local, United Healthcare Workers-West.

For four hours on April 11, 400 members and supporters of United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local P-9 shut down the Hormel plant in Austin, Minnesota by blocking the main gate to the building. They were dispersed only after police dressed in riot gear began firing tear gas into the crowd.

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