Stopping Sexual Harassment


This organizing manual highlights a range of tactics that unions and other workers can use to fight sexual harassment, including training sessions, contract language, job actions -- and more.

Camille Colatosti wrote for Labor Notes from 1989 to 1992. She covered the concerns of women, as well as public, health care, and other service sector workers. She currently is teaching at Wayne State University in Detroit.

Elissa Karg wrote the 1980 edition of Stopping Sexual Harassment. Formerly an auto worker, she is now a community mental health nurse in Detroit.

Contents include:

  • Defining sexual harassment
  • Sexual harassment and racism
  • Defending yourself
  • Organizing against the boss' harassment
  • Stopping harassment from co-workers
  • Using your union
  • Union women's committees
  • Forming cross-union support groups
  • Women in the building trades
  • Using the law
  • Fighting back in an unorganized workplace
  • Model union training
  • Sample newsletter articles
  • Resources: books, videos, organizations, and more

What others are saying about Stopping Sexual Harassment

"Stopping Sexual Harassment is full of real life examples, the experiences of unionists who have waged the struggle against sexual harassment. The lesson is clear: a union that takes the initiative in attacking the problem stands a much better chance of ending up with a united membership."

— Amy R. Newell, secretary-treasurer, United Electrical Workers

"Camille Colatosti and Elissa Karg have written a book that fills a genuine need. The solutions they suggest are based on organizing and involving the workers. This approach will serve not only to stop sexual harassment, but also to build the union."

— Bob Wages, president, Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers

"Stopping Sexual Harassment explains available avenues in fighting sexual harassment in an unorganized workplace. These include forming support groups, and organizing for stronger legislation."

— Farah Ravanbakhsh, director, Immigrant Worker Resource Center

"This handbook is an important addition to the campaign of the Coalition of Labor Union Women to stop sexual harassment. It should be available in every workplace -- both organized and unorganized."

— Joanie Parker, president, Boston CLUW

"This primer educates and focuses our response on fighting back. Relying on our collective strength, we can humanize the workplace and create an environment where all workers are treated with respect."

— Alice Dale, executive director, Service Employees Local 503