The Next Upsurge

The US labor movement may be on the verge of massive growth, according to Dan Clawson. He argues that unions don't grow slowly and incrementally, but rather in bursts. For there to be a new upsurge, Clawson asserts in The Next Upsurge, labor must fuse with social movements concerned with race, gender, and global justice.


Poor Workers Unions

Poor Workers' Unions presents the community/labor partnerships, workers' centers, and independent caucuses that are revitalizing labor for the twenty-first century, organizing the millions of poor workers who are the mainstay of today's economy.


Stopping Sexual Harassment

This organizing manual highlights a range of tactics that unions and other workers can use to fight sexual harassment, including training sessions, contract language, job actions -- and more.

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Working Smart

This 315-page manual by Mike Parker and Jane Slaughter takes union members through the ins and outs of participation programs, focusing on strategies. The case studies by activists who are grappling with the programs, supplemented by the authors' own years of experience, guide unions to a range of tactics.


Unions And Free Trade

This contribution from Mary McGuinn and Kim Moody was written in the run-up to NAFTA. It analyzes the effects of free trade on workers in North America, and why solidarity, not competition, is the only long-term strategy for unions.


Time Out

Time Out!, by Kim Moody and Simone Sagovac, looks at the changes in work and working time and the impact they are having on all workers. Good-paying union jobs are replaced by low-paid, unsafe nonunion "contingent" jobs. Injuries and stress related diseases are on the rise. Working-class family incomes are falling.

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