Troublemakers Blog

September 19, 2014 / Jenny Brown
Climate change activists are getting ready for a huge climate march on Sunday in midtown Manhattan, aimed at world leaders who are gathering at the United Nations for a climate summit. The march’s message: Let’s see some real action. »
September 17, 2014 /
Digging for a little historical inspiration? You'll find a rich seam in Andrew Arnold's account of how 19th century coal miners used their leverage in a wildly profitable supply chain to demand a living wage. They also invented dues check-off, by the way. »
September 16, 2014 /
“There’s an epidemic of disabled autoworkers at GM factories,” said organizer Paige Shell-Spurling at a recent protest. That's why four injured Colombian ex-GM workers are on hunger strike with lips sewn shut, and one is buried up to his neck. »
September 09, 2014 /
Each passing day we understand better: what happened May 13 was no accident. It was the result of privatization, corporate negligence, and an indifferent government. »
September 08, 2014 / Alexandra Bradbury
Politicians boasted they’d persuaded VW to “invest” $600 million in Tennessee—but almost $300 million of that will come from the state’s taxpayers. But what if the state spent that directly, on restoring jobs it recently cut? »
September 04, 2014 /
Teachers facing similar conditions are inspiring each other across borders, with exchanges between teachers in Canada, Mexico and the U.S. »
September 02, 2014 /
Labor Notes' Samantha Winslow discussed the implications of Harris v. Quinn in two recent in a radio interviews. Meanwhile, home care unions are signing up members and winning elections. »
August 29, 2014 /
For the last week or so, I’ve been speaking with workers from Market Basket stores. What I heard from these hourly workers was very different than what you hear in the press from striking managers. »
August 26, 2014 /
A dozen part-time UPS workers took protest action after discovering ties between Missouri law enforcement and a company whose shipments they handle each day. »
August 25, 2014 /
Fired janitors have been occupying the entrance of Greece's Ministry of Economic Development, among other creative tactics. Their fighting spirit is infectious. »