Troublemakers Blog

December 19, 2014 /
With a crucial assist from their counterparts in Spain, Lisbon dockworkers beat back job cuts being pushed by the Troika of international banking institutions. »
December 15, 2014 /
There are plenty of setbacks for working people, and benefits for the rich and corporations, in the $1.1 trillion appropriations bill just passed by Congress. But what it does to pension protections is appalling. »
December 02, 2014 /
Most of the "debt" Detroit is shedding in its bankruptcy translates into slashing people's health insurance. “Many people who thought they had a decent nest egg are going to find themselves living in poverty," says city retiree Cecily McClellan. »
December 01, 2014 /
Edward Baptist's poignant and rigorous book should summon our collective will to finally redress the lingering injustices created by this most American institution. »
November 25, 2014 /
The assault on employment-based benefits continues, with large companies raising employer contributions or shifting costs onto their workers in other ways. »
November 20, 2014 / Samantha Winslow
In my five years organizing with non-union health care workers who wanted to join the union, job security was always one of their top issues. But when it comes to teachers having job security, the myths kick in. »
November 19, 2014 /
At Britain's Ford-Dagenham plant, workers did not submit gently to labor-management cooperation. They locked managers in their offices, marched through the plant setting off fire alarms, threw tea mugs at windows, and turned fire hoses on police. »
November 17, 2014 /
Last year the labor federation in Lorain County ran and elected independent candidates. This time around, as an anti-union “Right to Work” bill looms again in Ohio, labor is taking aim at the leader of the pack, Lorain's mayor. »
November 12, 2014 /
Joe Burns’ latest book examines the little-known wave of illegal strikes that swept the U.S. during the 1960 and ’70s, reshaping the labor movement. »
November 06, 2014 /
A Fighter All My Life is the memoir of Sam Johnson, a black man from the South who became a Detroit auto worker and dissident union activist. »