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August 27, 2015 /
The Americans for Prosperity convention was supposed to showcase Republican presidential hopefuls, but 3,000 demonstrators became the bigger news story. »
August 25, 2015 / Dan DiMaggio
Contracts expired in August for 28,000 union members at AT&T Southeast and 38,000 at Verizon in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. »
August 21, 2015 / Alexandra Bradbury
Alaska Airlines fought long and hard to block the $15 minimum wage for airport workers in SeaTac, Washington—but it has finally lost. »
August 14, 2015 /
Four thousand workers at a General Motors plant in Brazil started an indefinite strike August 10, after the corporation announced hundreds of layoffs. »
August 10, 2015 /
What happens when social workers grow tired of poor working conditions and poverty wages? At my workplace, we formed a union. »
August 06, 2015 /
The outstanding unionist and feminist Gillian Furst, a longtime activist in Teamsters for a Democratic Union and many other causes, died at her home in Minneapolis on July 20, at age 81. »
August 03, 2015 /
The contract covering 39,000 Verizon workers from Massachusetts to Virginia expired August 1. »
July 31, 2015 /
One tactic was a public "work-in" to draw attention to their labor. Graduate assistants at the University of Connecticut teach thousands of undergraduates and conduct research that helps bring in more than $150 million a year. »
July 30, 2015 / Samantha Winslow
A decision that makes the whole public sector “right to work” could be devastating. But public sector workers didn’t always have legal protection to unionize, bargain, or strike. They won those rights—by organizing without them. »
July 23, 2015 /
Even with laws on the books, it often takes direct action to make bosses pay up the wages they owe—as servers in a Seattle club discovered. »